Sports Medicine

PT Pros is dedicated to keeping you and your team in the game, and off the bench. Whether you participate at the high school, college, or community level competition, PT Pros offers the most comprehensive sports-related programs available. We provide such services as:

Preventative care, including: Pre-season musculoskeletal screenings & Sports Enhancement
Evaluation/treatment of sports-related injuries
Assistance to coaches and players (both on and off the field)

Sports Enhancement

Success in any sport depends upon power, speed, strength, endurance, and core stability. The Sports Enhancement Program (SEP) at PT Pros provides an avenue for area athletes to improve in each of these aspects of a sport. The SEP offers a quality program for all individuals—male or female, young or old, beginner to advanced—who want to improve their athletic performance.

This program is dedicated to achieving goals set by individual athletes using the most effective techniques performed in a professional, compassionate, and supportive environment. This progressive program assesses athletic performance to identify weaknesses so that our physical therapists can focus on helping athletes fine-tune their strengths.

Some of the sports-enhancing techniques used by our physical therapists in the SEP include: flexibility enhancement, linear/lateral speed enhancement, multi-directional movement and agility enhancement, functional strength enhancement and core stability enhancement.